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By amasys14222412, Mar 24 2016 04:05PM

Backing up data to a USB stick is always a good idea but you should always backup data to more then one device.Usb sticks and external hard drives can always go faulty so relying on just one device is not a good idea

By amasys14222412, Mar 24 2016 03:23PM

Installed this POE Wireless Access Point in one of my business customers Office's they now have a great wireless signal everywhere in there office .

POE stands for Power Over Ethernet and has you can see no AC Adaptor .

These can be attached to the wall or a ceiling tile in your office with out the need of a power socket.

By amasys14222412, Mar 24 2016 11:35AM

This laptop came to us with a smashed screen its now got a New Replacement screen and is working fine the customer is very happy with our service

By guest, Mar 24 2016 09:18AM

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