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Laptop repairs in Warrington

Laptops can easily be damaged in daily use around the home or at the workplace and there are more  laptops around than there are pc's.


Here at Ama-Sys we can repair almost any laptop problem ranging from a damaged screen through to keyboard keys missing, software errors, faulty hard drives, over-heating due to fan problems or a  missing or damaged power adaptor.


So if you've had a spillage of liquid over the laptop or if you've dropped it or otherwise damaged it in some way, act quickly, call Ama-Sys - the chances are we'll be able to fix it and save your data.

Why call Ama-Sys with your laptop problem?

Although we repair most types of computer, the majority of repairs these days are to laptops because there are so many of them and, due to their portable nature, they are subjected to the rigours of being moved around from place to place.


As a result of this we do get to see a lot of laptops and we keep stock of many of the commonly used components that often fail and cause problems. Our engineers are experienced in laptop repairs and can turn them around quickly so, if you're having problems with your portable - give us a call.

Ama-Sys can:

 •  Repair your laptop

 •  Replace the battery

 •  Replace the power adapter

 •  Replace broken screens

 •  Remove viruses and malware

 •  Salvage data

 •  Replace the hard drive

 •  Restore your software

 •  Reload your operating system



Let us fix your damaged laptop, throughout Warrington and the surrounding areas:

01925 801 268

Inside a laptop at Ama Sys in Warrington