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Need a network in Warrington? - We can help

Most businesses find that they need to share software, printers and other resources between several people in the workplace. The best way to do this is with a small Local Area Network or LAN.


Most computer networking today is wireless and can be installed quickly and easily but some businesses need more advanced facilities. In these cases we recommend using Microsoft's SBS - Small Business Server and Server 2012..


On the other hand, a network installation can simply comprise of a few computers linked together to share a printer or broadband connection. Call Ama-Sys of Warrington today to discuss your networking needs.

Get the best from your investment

If your computers, printers and software are not set up correctly then you will never get the best performance from them.


At Ama-Sys we specialise in setting up, configuring and when necessary, repairing, most makes and models of computers in order to make sure that you get the best performance from them and the best return on your investment.


It's well worth discussing your computing requirements with one of the expert staff here at Ama-Sys - give us a call soon.

Better together

 •  Share resources

 •  Share internet connections

 •  Share printers

 •  Share software

 •  Collaborate on projects

 •  Call for advice

 •  Free network installation quote

 •  Small Business Server

 •  Server 2012




Work together better with a well setup network in Warrington and beyond:

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