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Virus and malware removal and data retrieval throughout the Warrington area

These days it is very easy to inadvertently subject your computer to viruses and malware. Most of the time you won't know it has happened until something triggers it off, sometimes they are written to activate at a certain time or date.


The first line of defence is to install an anti-virus software package and if you don't already have one, we can do that for you. The next step is to thoroughly scan your system and find out what's happening.


When that's done we can rectify any damage done and remove the offending code - installing the latest version of a reliable anti-virus system to protect you in the future.

"Can my data be saved?"

The good news is - yes, most of the time the damage can be rectified and your data can be saved. It's important to act quickly though, viruses tend to keep on doing their damage as time goes on.


We will scan your computer's hard drive to identify and remove any suspicious code and then recommend and install a suitable antivirus package to prevent further attacks.


Damaged data can often be retrieved but time is of the essence - don't delay, call us today.

Don't panic - call us:

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